I am a physicist and specialize in geophysical fluid dynamics.

Currently I do research at NWRA on topics including inertial oscillations, internal waves, Rossby waves, eddies, shallow-water theory, as well as symmetry methods for solving partial differential equations.

I have written numerous fluid dynamics models, all of which depend on my framework for solving partial differential equations.

In 2004 I wrote the first geotagging application for the Mac, which has now evolved into PhotoLinker, a professional photo annotation and geotagging tool.

I am a lifelong runner, hiker, biker and outdoor enthusiast in general. I ran competitively in high school, a little bit early in college, but now simply try to stay fit while exploring new trails.
I tend to have strong opinions about things and enjoy spirited discussions—so I started this blog to get down some of my ideas. Unfortunately, I’m not a particularly good writer so this makes the posts both sparse and incomplete.