Apple Fail #2: Selection

Since 10.8 (or was 10.7?) you can get yourself into a situation where you can’t select the last item in a column. Yes, that’s right, Apple’s updated UI is so awesome, and so perfect, that you can’t possibly need the last item in a list. Check out the snapshot below,

SelectionProblemSee that last item ‘XQuartz’? Because the bottom scroll bar appeared over it, I now have no way to select it. If I leave my mouse hovered over it, the bottom scroll bar never disappears and I have no way to select the item. You have to to either key down, or move the mouse away in a manner that causes the scroll bar to vanish, and then try again. It’s ridiculous.

Ironically, as I’m typing this post in MarsEdit, the same problem is presenting itself again. The magic appearing scrollbars are blocking out the bottom line of text in the post, which is exactly where I’m typing. It’s so awesome, that I’ll upload that as well,


The bottom line here is that this is completely unacceptable. Apple didn’t used to make this kind of stupid UI mistake, did they?

3 thoughts on “Apple Fail #2: Selection”

  1. I can’t reproduce the problem. You must be using some different UI setting. Hmm, your vertical scrollbars are missing. Lets see.. my scrollbars are set to automatic. Why are your vertical scrollbars gone?

  2. You know, when I first ran into this problem a few months ago I had trouble reproducing it as well, although I seem to be able to reproduce without issue now.

    My scrollbars are set to automatic, and I have to be in situation where it is necessary for the horizontal scrollbar to appear. So, in column view, you have to be buried deep enough in folders.

    I do run into the issue periodically, and just watched a colleague get annoyed with it as well.

  3. I even reproduced the exact window with the same app highlighted but it still didn’t fail for me. Maybe it has something to do with mouse vs trackpad settings? I’m on the desktop with a mouse.

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