Bicyclist killed on Juanita Dr

This is an absolutely tragedy: a cyclist was killed last night on Juanita Drive.

Juanita Drive is one of the most unfriendly roads possible for walkers and bicyclists. The cyclist was killed within a 100 meters of a section of the road with no shoulder (thanks to parked cars) on a corner that is blind at 15 mph (the road has a 35 mph speed limit). I have wanted to start advocating for a separated bicycle lane the entire length of Juanita, extending from the Burke-Gillman trail down to Juanita Bay. I guess I’m too late.

At a community meeting several months ago, I heard from neighbors that refused to let their children walk anywhere along Juanita. Personally, I effectively choose to do the same, despite my advocacy for walking and bicycling. The result of this is that people are trapped to their cars. There is literally no alternative out of some of our neighborhoods.

I’m so sorry.

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  1. This is a VERY SAD & TRAGIC situation! I live on Juanita Drive right at the scene of the accident, and will not let my children walk on the road to the beach, nor will I walk it either. It’s important to note that there are some areas where bicyclists just shouldn’t (be allowed) to ride, and Juanita Drive is one of them. Even when there are clear lanes for cyclists to ride in ( their own lane) they often elect to ride in the vehicle lane and obstruct traffic without any concern or respect for the drivers on the road, like they own the road or have some special rights… It would behoove any cyclist to stay in their own lane or on the right side of the fog line to minimize the possibility of being hit and injured, or even killed. It seems that commons sense should prevail; stay in your own designated lane, to the right of the fog line, or just don’t go there! With many inexperienced drivers on the road, if I were a cyclist or just walking on the side of the road, I would think twice about venturing forth under uncertain precarious and uncontrollable conditions, a bike or body just can’t compete with thousands of pounds of a colliding vehicle. Riders beware!

    1. In response to CB Juanita Drive is a reasonably safe road to ride. I ride JD on a regular basis and have never felt the road was not safe. There are many reasons why cyclist may be riding in the “vehicle lane” and when we do there are “special rights”. First a bicycle is a vehicle the same laws regarding passing a car apply to passing a cyclist. If I don’t consider the shoulder of a road to be safe to ride I will ride in the road doing my best not to obstruct traffic. I know we all have busy schedules and getting the kids to soccer on time is very important. You are very well protected in your car a cyclist is not you witnessed the result of what happens when a car hits a cyclist. We cyclist don’t want to slow you down we make decisions for our safety which at times means we ride in the middle of the road which we understand can be frustrating for the cars behind us. As a driver you can be a little understanding of why we may be in the lane of traffic we may avoid future accidents.

      When I’m riding in a lane it belongs to me if you want to legally pass you must exit the lane and re-enter the lane when you are at a safe distance in front of me the same as passing another car. I won’t pretend cyclist are perfect I have seen some real morons on bikes who deserve a few traffic tickets they don’t deserve the death penalty.

    2. Where my street (NE 112th) meets Juanita Drive, it’s actually safer for the bicyclist to ride in the roadway, since a bicyclist cannot be seen if traveling at high speed in the bike lane/shoulder.

  2. What can I say that will contribute to helping the greater good? That is difficult, but like a lot of people, I want to try. Juanita Dr. is a dangerous road for cars – period!. Anyone who has driven a car on Juanita Dr. should know that. If you don’t think that, no words etc., can help you. So…you want to ride a bike on this road? You want to walk on the shoulder? I have tried to keep my comment simple so hopefully there is some clarity. Just take responsibility for your choices at the moment you decide to do what you do. And then don’t point the finger at the goverment, the cars, the bikes, the pedestrians, etc. And hopefully, you will live longer for your wiser choices!!! I am very very sorry Jeffery lost his life. And the driver will live with that…personally, I couldn’t live with that.

  3. So sad to see a perfect life lost! Like many others, I agree biking on that road is a bad decision. I have lived 2 blocks from Juanita Dr for 29years. Why would anyone think Juanita Dr is safe? Do you not know the numbers for accideents around here? I swear there is 2 lives lost on this road a year. Parked cars have been doing that before cycling became a lifestyle. Reach search is something I have always felt is needed when your life is on the line. I personally do not mind if we were going to expand the roads and create room BUT who are you kidding, there is no room, families homes are there! My husband on the other hand cannot stand, how rude a great 58% of cyclists are and trust me he tries his best to keep track when on the road. Countless times I have been drving when I am already taking a corner & a cyclist will cut the corner deep to accelrate for speed. The longer I MUST take the road, encourages me to get short as well. I wish we could all take the road but at this point, loosing lives is not worth it. Can we come up with a solution first….

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