Greenies against nuclear power

I’ve always been annoyed by the shortsightedness of environmentalists who lobby against nuclear power (as opposed the more informed group of environmentalists who lobby for appropriate safety measures). There’s a great article by George Menbiot subtitled the green movement has misled the world about the dangers of radiation that describes the evidence meltdown in the green movement against nuclear power. According to the Dot Earth blog at the NYTimes, George Menbiot went from one of these evidence-blind greenies to a supporter of nuclear energy in the last month.

This reminds me of when I was touring a lumber mill in Oregon with my family where, by the end of the tour, the guide and part owner of the mill started talking to us about the occasional hostile outbreaks by the environmentalists and greenies that take the same tour. It’s funny because I considered myself an environmentalist and was taken aback for a moment before I realized that it’s true, I’m not one of those environmentalists. The difference is that nobody my family was outright against logging, and we were especially impressed at their environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. People get so caught up in their ideals that they fail to take a step back and see how it fits into the big picture.