iPad Air has the best screen size to weight ratio on the market

Early this year I gathered some statistics for the screen size to weight ratio of many of the tablets on the market at the time. The central idea with this metric is that you’d rather minimize the tablet weight, while maximizing its screen size, all else being equal. At the time, the iPad Mini bested the competition with a ratio of 10.4 grams per square inch, while the iPad 4 was one of these worst performers with a ratio of 14.7. However, today’s newly announced iPad Air now ties last year’s iPad Mini with ratio of 10.4 grams per square inch. The new iPad Mini Retina slips a bit to 11.2 grams per square inch by adding a mere 23 grams to its total weight.

The bottom line here is that the iPad Air almost certainly feels amazingly lightweight. I will update the my table from the previous post with some of the latest offerings later this week.