John Broder followup

I had missed the NYTimes public editor’s followup┬áto the Tesla battery saga I wrote about last week, but fortunately caught it via John Gruber. I’m going to quote the same piece of that article that he did,

My own findings are not dissimilar to the reader I quote above, although I do not believe Mr. Broder hoped the drive would end badly. I am convinced that he took on the test drive in good faith, and told the story as he experienced it.

I absolutely agree with everything in that quote, but the final point that “he told the story as he experienced it.”

A journalist attempting to accurately convey the story would have left me, the reader, with a very different impression than I had after reading the original article. The only reason I know this is because the followup information, including Broder’s own details in his followups, completely changed my understanding of the story. That pretty much proves that something was fundamentally wrong with the way Broder “told his story.”