Romney lies more than Obama

After reading a detailed fact check of the debate between presidential candidates Barak Obama and Mitt Romney, it’s pretty clear that the two parties are not equal their truth telling. Yet, in the usual bizarre way that news agencies try to spin the ‘both sides are equal’ viewpoint, the NYTimes¬†summary of the fact checking¬†goes to great pains to make it look like Obama fibbed on one major point—yet the ‘lie’ is Obama’s guess at the unannounced (and mathematically impossible) tax cuts that Romney proposes. Arguably, however, it’s Romney that’s the liar in this case as well since he’s the one making impossible claims.

Not that it matters. I get the feeling that most people don’t actually know how to processes all the information being thrown at them and filter out the crap. I also get the feeling that people like Mitt Romney are well aware of this, and use it to their advantage.