Time for the Republicans to compromise

It has become pretty clear that the the two congressional parties are not equal: one side is willing to compromise, the other is not. It’s also clear that our President, all too willing to compromise, strongly aligns his fiscal policy with one of those parties, and no, it’s not the democrats. As pointed out by Nate Silver, President Obama’s revenue-to-cut ratio is actually more conservative than the average Republican voter in the United States. This makes the G.O.P.’s no-revenue stance pretty far outside of the political mainstream.

Even if Republican congressmen weren’t outside of the mainstream, I’m sick of this no-compromise crap, especially on fiscal policy. I’m even more sick of the media pretending as if both sides are to blame here… and yes, I’m talking to you, NPR. Things aren’t always equal and there aren’t always two-sides to the story. The Republican party is perfectly willing to admit that they’re not here to compromise, while the Democratic party is. So it’s crystal clear that one party is a bunch of jerks, and other is far more reasonable. At this point, since these values are all out in the open anyway, it should be perfectly acceptable to just openly report who’s being a jerk and who’s not. Instead, we hear that ‘both sides have work to do’ and other similar BS.