I am a physicist and specialize in geophysical fluid dynamics. Currently I do research at NWRA studying inertial oscillations and eddies.


Numerical Models – Movies and code for a number of geophysical fluid dynamics models, including the a quasigeostrophic eddy, forced-dissipative turbulence, an unstable shear flow, surface gravity waves, Poincare waves, linear internal waves, and many others.

Inertial Oscillations – A brief introduction to inertial oscillations, both theoretical and observational. This also includes a Matlab script for computing inertial paths, velocities, and periods from the exact solutions.

Quasigeostrophic Eddies – Movies of the sea-surface height as observed from satellite altimetry and the sea-surface height of a quasigeostrophic model attempting to reproduce the observations. This also include a number of animations from the monopole study, where a quasigeostrophic eddy was allowed to evolve in isolation.

Internal Modes – A collection of Matlab classes to quickly and accurately compute the vertical modes and SQG modes from arbitrary stratification.

Garrett-Munk Spectrum – Matlab classes to compute both the exact, and approximated versions of the Garrett-Munk spectrum.



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Unpublished Notes

2011 – Stokes drift of Rossby waves (pdf)

Unpublished computation of the Stokes drift due to Rossby waves. A single plane wave does not induce stokes drift, but two plane waves can.